Engineering Division


The Engineering Division provides professional engineering services to support the maintenance and improvement of the City’s existing infrastructure, facilities, and public spaces. They also review, inspect and accept development improvement projects.  Primary responsibilities of the Engineering Division are the execution of the City’s Capital Improvement Program and administration of development services.

Secondary functions of Engineering staff include: processing and inspecting Encroachment Permits; preparation and preservation of mapping and record drawings; maintenance and updating of City Improvement Standards; maintenance and oversight of the City’s ADA Transition Plan; review and support of environmental studies, traffic studies and technical reports; Assessment District management; traffic signal and street light maintenance; storm water permit compliance; and floodplain management.


Engineering Contacts

Tim Kiser
City Manager/City Engineer 
(530) 274-4312
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Bjorn Jones 
Assistant City Engineer
(530) 274-4353
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Catharine Dykes 
Senior Civil Engineer
(530) 274-4352
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Simon Hill
Assistant Engineer
(530) 274-4358
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John Schies 
Senior Engineering Tech
(530) 274-4354
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