About GVPD


Mission Statement

The Grass Valley Police Department is committed to reducing crime and improving the quality of life in our community.

Core Values

Dedication – Excellence – Partnerships

Community Oriented Policing

Community Oriented Policing is a philosophy of full-service, personalized policing where the same officer is assigned to a specific geographical area, or “COPP block” on a permanent basis, working in a proactive partnership with citizens to identify and solve problems. The focus of community oriented policing is not simply on responding to crime, but on preventing crime and resolving community problems. The philosophy rests on the belief that the police and the community must work together as partners to solve the contemporary challenges faced in today’s society. Officers work closely with other organizations and community groups to educate community members about potential hazards they may encounter and how to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime, to identify the problems, concerns and fears of community members, to identify and eliminate hazards that may promote crime or disorder, and to improve the overall quality of life in the community.

Problem Oriented Policing

Problem-oriented policing is an approach to policing in which discrete pieces of police business (each consisting of a cluster of similar incidents, whether crime or acts of disorder, that the police are expected to handle) are subject to examination in hopes that what is learned about each problem will lead to discovering a new and more effective strategy for dealing with it. Problem-oriented policing places a high value on new responses that are preventive in nature, that are not dependent on the use of the criminal justice system, and that engage other public agencies, the community and the private sector when their involvement has the potential for significantly contributing to the reduction of the problem. Problem-oriented policing carries a commitment to implementing the new strategy, rigorously evaluating its effectiveness, and, subsequently, reporting the results in ways that will benefit other police agencies and that will ultimately contribute to building a body of knowledge that supports the further professionalization of the police.

Our Philosophy

The Grass Valley Police Department uses a combination of Community Oriented Policing, Problem Oriented Policing and traditional policing methods to provide our community with a high level of service. By partnering police services with community awareness we are able to reduce the overall impact of crime in our city.