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Twice a year, for six months, JOA stations gain the valuable asset of an Intern Firefighter. The six-month internship is a requirement for graduates of a fire academy to receive their Firefighter 1 certificate from the Office of the State Fire Marshal. The six-month internship satisfies the experience requirement once they have graduated from a firefighter 1 academy. During the six months, interns work a 2 on 4 off schedule and are assigned to a station and shift. During that time they live, eat, and work with the full-time career staff to gain skills, knowledge, and how the fire service works. Interns are often times the third person on the fire engine which allows them to be exposed to every situation that the full-time members are. Our interns are recruited from surrounding regional academies and go through a hiring process similar to what they will see when they apply for full-time jobs. They are required to apply, pass an oral board interview, and background before they can be placed at a station. Many of our interns go on to receive full-time career positions with fire departments across California and across the country. The area that Grass Valley and the JOA serve is a very diverse place to gain experience and gives many opportunities. To find out more information and apply to become an intern click the links below:

2018-1 JOA Internship Announcement
JOA Internship Application