Fire Safety



Year after year, California witnesses extremely devastating wild fires throughout the state. Fire agencies, both local and state, deploy resources to these fires in an attempt to minimize the destruction and contain them to the area of origin. 

Grass Valley Fire Department, in cooperation with other local fire agencies, put together Emergency Preparedness plans and Evacuation guides for our community members to help ensure their safety and readiness.  

Grass Valley Emergency Prep Brochure

PG&E Power Shutoff Alerts 


Defensible Space

Maintaining a defensible space helps us keep properties and lives safe from fire. Not only is it the law, but maintaining 100 feet of defensible space around your home can be the difference between it being savable or not. In addition to keeping your home defensible, keep driveways and roadways into your property adequately cleared so we can fit fire engines and other equipment down them. Learn more at the Cal Fire Defensible Space website.


Evacuation Plan

If an evacuation is ordered, every minute counts.

Be prepared with your GO Bag, stay informed via trusted media outlets, take your pets.

Watch for direction from Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel, Public Works or other officials. 

Evacuation is the Best Protection. Leave if Ordered or You Feel Threatened