Evacuation Plan


If an evacuation is ordered, every minute counts.

Be prepared with your GO Bag, stay informed via trusted media outlets, take your pets.

Watch for direction from Law Enforcement, Fire Personnel, Public Works or other officials. 

Evacuation is the Best Protection. Leave if Ordered or You Feel Threatened 

Temporary Refuge Area (TRA) - A large open area where you can take refuge for temporary shelter and short term relief if you cannot evacuate or have been cut off from an evacuation route.  After fire front passes evacuate to an area of safety. 

Example of TRA’s - Large parking lots with very limited or no flammable vegetation. Green, mowed fields that will not support fire. (i.e. Sports Fields)

If evacuation routes are blocked you may be required to stay in your home during the fire. Call 911 to advise of your situation. If you shelter in place, stay away from windows, move to an interior room or hallway. If the house does catch fire there will still be time to get out. Do not try and leave until the fire has passed and you can safely drive to a shelter location.

During an emergency you will be directed to the location of a shelter. Listen to the radio or television for the correct location. If conditions change and a new site is needed you will be directed upon arrival at the location.

Sign up for Code Red Alerts

Know your Evacuation Zone

Understand Evacuation Terms

Nevada County Emergency Plans