Police Forms



Business Extra Patrol Request

If your are operating under special business hours please indicate.

Please provide the alarm company name.


Records Request Form

Copies of accident reports are available to involved parties and their insurance agents. Copies of criminal reports can only be released to involved parties after investigations have been completed and the case has been adjudicated. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a criminal report after charges have been filed but before it has been adjudicated, you must contact the District Attorney’s office at (530) 265-1301 to see if the report is releasable.


Trespass Authorization Letter

 Trespass Authorization Letter is an online form that you fill out and provide the Grass Valley Police Department authorizes the Police Department to cite or arrest a trespassing person on your property. It is authorized by Penal Code Section 602. 


Bicycle License Form

Form:  GVPD Bicycle License Form
Cost:  $1.00
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-4pm

Bicycle Licenses are provided to citizens to help reduce bicycle theft. By providing the police department with certain identifying information about your bicycle, chances of recovering it in the event it is lost or stolen is increased. In addition, after registering your bicycle with the police department you are provided with a license that you can affix to your bike.

 Form: Form available at front desk of the Grass Valley Police Department


Property Owner Notification Application

Form:  Property Owner Notification Application
Cost:  Free to Landlords
Hours: 24/7

The Grass Valley Police Department developed the Property Owner Notification Program to notify property owners in a timely manner of police incidents occurring at their properties. This method of notification to property owners uses e-mail and is free of charge.

Form:  Property Owner Notification Application


Ride-Along Request Form

Form:  GVPD Ride-Along Request Form
Cost:  Free
Hours: By Appointment Only

Ride-Alongs provide the opportunity for interested citizens to accompany an officer while on patrol. To request a ride along, return the completed form to the Grass Valley Police Department



Vacation House Check

Form:  Vacation House Check
Cost:  Free
Hours: 24/7

As a service to citizens, Grass Valley Police Department officers and volunteers provide “Vacation Checks” for residents who will be out of town for extended periods of time. While we cannot assure that additional personnel will be available to check on your residence, we do make every effort to increase patrols in your area. In addition to signing up for the Vacation House Check program, we recommend that you notify a neighbor or friend that you will be out of town, and that they should call the police department if they notice any suspicious activities.

To request a Vacation House Check, please download and fill out the form. Drop off or mail the completed form to the Police Department a couple of days prior to your vacation in order to make sure it is entered into the patrol schedule. Vacation checks cannot be filled out over the phone.

Form:  Download Form

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