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Lost & Found Animals

Lost Animals:

Please refer to the following checklist if you have lost your pet.


Animal Control Services

Welcome to the Animal Control Division of the Grass Valley Police Department.  We are proud to provide service to the residents who reside in the city limits of Grass Valley and Nevada City. For non-emergent calls, please call 530-477-4630.  All calls requiring an Animal Control Officer should be directed to 530-265-7880

If you have an address with three or four digits in Grass Valley or Nevada City you are in the City limits.  If you have a five digit address, contact Nevada County Animal Control at 530-265-7880 or 530-265-1471


Animal Adoptions

The Animal Control Shelter serves as a safe place for animals who have been relinquished to our care, or who were not claimed during their stray holding period. We always have wonderful pets in need of loving permanent homes.  We never have to euthanize animals for time or space.  We pride ourselves in working with behaviorists, trainers, and specific breed rescues. Our primary goal is safety for our adopters, and our community.


Redeeming your Lost/Stray Pet

When redeeming your stray/lost dog, please bring your Driver’s License, a copy of your Rabies Certificate, and Cash or Check to pay your fees. The proof of ownership of animals must be verified. Animals must be redeemed within five business days.  If an animal goes unclaimed it may be placed up for adoption dependent public safety, behavior, and health.



California law requires each dog older than three months to be vaccinated against rabies and licensed before it is five months old. If your dog is more than five months old, you have 30 days to get your dog licensed after you obtain it or bring it into California. Dog owners who fail to comply with rabies vaccination or licensing requirements are subject to costly penalties.

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