Redeeming your Lost/Stray Pet


When redeeming your stray/lost dog, please bring your Driver’s License, a copy of your Rabies Certificate, and Cash or Check to pay your fees.  Proof of ownership of animals must be verified.  Animals must be redeemed within five business days.  Animals will be considered abandoned should they not be claimed.  If an animal goes unclaimed it may be placed  for adoption dependent on behavior, citizen safety,  and health of the animal.


1st Offense

2nd Offense

3rd Offense

4th Offense

5th Offense











Unaltered Dog





Boarding fees accumulate for every business day an animal stays in our care. The boarding fees are for food, cleaning, kennel space, and time. Boarding fees are in addition to Redemption Fees and Unaltered Animal Fees.

Animal Cost
Dog $36/day
Cat $25/day

If your dog is not Licensed you may also incur Licensing Fees at the time of Redemption (see Licensing for fee Schedule)