Police Divisions

GVPD Divisions


The Grass Valley Police Department is committed to reducing crime and improving the quality of life in our community, which is why our police services include the following divisions.

Patrol Division

The primary functions of the Patrol Division are to provide prompt response to community requests for police assistance and to implement proactive measures that reduce and prevent criminal activity through Community Oriented Policing Programs. Within our COPP program, patrol officers implement self-initiated crime prevention measures by partnering with community members.

Records Division

The Records Division handles all report requests (Incident reports, Crime Reports, and Accident Reports) to residents, insurance companies, attorneys, other law enforcement agencies, etc.  Members of this division register convicted criminals for specific drug, sex, or arson offenses (call the Records Unit to schedule an appointment). Records checks for the Department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, military recruiters, etc. As well as facilitate vehicle releases for stored or impounded vehicles. Please call to schedule an appointment (530) 477-4600. 

Detective Division

The Detective Division serves investigative functions for the department. Members assigned to this division have been promoted from patrol, work in plainclothes and conduct follow-up on felony investigations initiated by the Patrol Division as well as certain misdemeanors, as deemed appropriate.

Property & Evidence Division

The Property and Evidence Division is in charge of all property brought into the police department. This includes items taken for evidence, safekeeping, retrieved stolen items and found property. To contact the Property and Evidence Division call (530) 477-4614.

Strategic Response Team

The Grass Valley Police Department is dedicated to partnerships within our amazing community which is why we’ve created a task force dedicated to community quality of life issues.  SRT Officers liaison with community groups and individuals regarding criminal activities and prevention, quality-of-life issues, and facilitate problem-solving and follow-up.

Bike Patrol

Bike Patrol officers are used primarily during special events that occur within the city. Bicycle Patrol allows for access to areas inaccessible to police cruisers and increases communication between the officers and the public.