Property Owner Notification Application


Form:  Property Owner Notification Application
Cost:  Free to Landlords
Hours: 24/7

The Grass Valley Police Department developed the Property Owner Notification Program to notify property owners in a timely manner of police incidents occurring at their properties. This method of notification to property owners uses e-mail and is free of charge.

Form:  Property Owner Notification Application

How the Program Works
Participating landlords will submit the Property Owner Notification Application to the Police Department, which includes the following information:

• Property Owner’s Name
• E-mail Address (where notification will be sent)
• Street Address and apartment number (if any) of rental property
This information is added to the property list. The Police Department will review police incident reports on a regular basis to create a list of incidents by address. If an incident address matches an address on the property list, an e-mail is sent to the property owner with the following information:

• Date and time incident is reported
• Police Case Number
• Type of Incident
• Address of Incident
Every effort is made to make timely notifications. Weekends and unforeseen circumstances may cause some delays. The property owner can follow up with their tenants about the police activity and/or obtain a copy of the police report by making a public disclosure request to the police department.

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