Abandoned Vehicle Report


A vehicle such as a car, boat, trailer, etc. left for more than 72 hours.

Vehicle Parked On A Public Street

Grass Valley’s Municipal Code prohibits storing vehicles–cars, trucks, trailers, or RVs–on the public street for longer than 72 hours without moving them. Our desire is to gain voluntary compliance by attempting to contact the vehicle’s owner before towing. The process for requesting removal of an abandoned vehicle may require a few days or weeks depending on the circumstances. Volunteers or staff first check and mark the vehicle. They return at least three days later to see if the vehicle has been moved. If it has not been moved, it will be towed and stored.

If a plate cannot be located, please type “Unknown” into the entry box.

If a state cannot be located, please type “Unknown” into the entry box.

Nearest address or intersection.

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