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Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program

Sidewalk Cost Sharing Application

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Snow Plowing

The City plows all main roads and emergency access roads first, and then all side roads except for privately maintained roads.


Street Light Request Form & Petition

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Street Sweeping 

Street Sweeper Schedule

Avoiding vehicles parked in the street causes the sweeper to leave inaccessible areas unswept. To ensure the street sweeper is able to reach the entire street area in front of your property, please try to park off the street (if possible) on the days your street is scheduled to be swept.

Please be advised: It is the property owner’s (or their hired landscape professional’s) responsibility to dispose of yard debris; including all leaves, pine needles and other yard waste blown or raked during yard maintenance activities (disposing of piles of vegetation in the street is considered littering). The City is not responsible for collecting debris from property owners’ yards, and any piles left in the street will be bypassed as the street sweeper cannot pick up piles of vegetation.

The street sweeper schedule reflects optimum conditions.  Personnel changes, other workloads, and equipment downtime can effect this schedule.

Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions/concerns (530) 274-4350

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming Program

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