Committees & Commissions

Commissions & Committees


Development Review Committee

The Development  Review Committee (DRC) reviews and acts on minor development proposals and advises the Planning Commission on larger projects. 

DRC membership includes a representative from the Planning Commission, a consulting architect, and City staff representatives from the Community Development, Fire,  and Engineering Departments.


Historical Commission

The City encourages the preservation of the historical and architecturally significant resources in Grass Valley. The Grass Valley Historical Commission consists of five (5) members and one (1) alternate, each appointed by the City Council for a four year term.  The Historical Commission’s function is to identify and verify historical resources within the City and encourage their preservation.


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and acting on matters related to planning and development.  The Commission is made up of five individuals who have been appointed by the City Council. Each City Council Member appoints a Planning Commissioner, so commissioners often change with the election of new Council members.