Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and acting on matters related to planning and development in the City of Grass Valley. 

Members Term Expires

Liz Coots

Jan. 2021

James Arbaugh

Dec. 2022

Greg Bulanti

Dec. 2022

Kimberly Warren Rhodes

Dec. 2022

Eric Robins

Dec. 2024

The Commission is made up of five individuals who have been appointed by the City Council. Each City Council Member appoints a Planning Commissioner, so commissioners often change with the election of new Council members.  

The Planning Commission plays a central role in the planning process . They act as an advisory board for City Council on all planning and development projects, and they assure that development applications comply with the City’s General Plan.  Any Planning Commission action can be appealed to the City Council, who can uphold the commission’s decision, overturn it, modify it, or send it back for further study.

Planning Commission meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers at City Hall.