Business Resources

Business Resources


The City of Grass Valley invites and welcomes new business!

We understand that starting a business can be an exciting and challenging time.

Please contact the City with any questions or concerns you have as you plan to start your business in Grass Valley: Send Message or Call (530) 274-4300

A business license is an annual tax for doing business within the City. The City of Grass Valley Business License Ordinance requires a business license for any business activity conducted in Grass Valley city limits. Business license taxes and fees help pay for City services such as roads, fire, police and other community services. Business licenses are renewed annually at the beginning of each year.

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Cannabis Businesses

The City is currently finalizing the cannabis business application materials. When the City begins accepting applications, the application process and all corresponding documentation will be posted here on the City’s website.

Ordinance No. 806 (Commercial Cannabis Activities)

City of Grass Valley Dispensary Zoning Map


Cottage Food Business

A Cottage Food Operation (CFO) is an enterprise at a private home where specific low-risk food products, which do not require refrigeration, are prepared or repackaged for sale.


Day Care Facility

Small Day Care facilities are exempt from obtaining a Grass Valley Business License per Family Child Care Homes – Manual of Policies & Procedures  (Title 22 – Division 12 - Chapter 3 -102384 – Licensing Fees) - No local jurisdiction shall impose any business license, fee, or tax for the privilege of operating a small family day care home licensed under this act.

The City defines Day Care as facilities that provide non-medical care and supervision of minor children for periods of less than 24 hours. These facilities include the following, all of which are required to be licensed by the California State Department of Social Services.


Home Occupation

The conduct of a business within a dwelling unit or residential site, employing only the occupants of the dwelling, with the business activity being subordinate to the residential use of the property.


Massage Therapy

All massage therapists and technicians employed with establishments in the City of Grass Valley are required to possess a current and valid CAMTC certification.

Prior to applying for a business license, massage therapists must obtain an Operator's Permit from the Grass Valley Police Department.