Commercial Cannabis Businesses


Commercial Cannabis Appeal Procedures

The Selection Committee completed their review of the 13 Commercial Cannabis Business (CCB) Screening Applications the City received.

The following Commercial Cannabis Business screening applications were the highest scored among all of the applications received and therefore are eligible to submit a CCB Permit Application :

  • Storefront Retail Dispensary – Grass Valley Provisions 
  • Delivery Only Dispensary – KannaXpress
  • Distribution - Grass Valley Brand & Sierra Flower Co.
  • Nursery - Grass Valley Brand & Xotic Nursery, Inc.

The City received two (2) total Commercial Cannabis Distribution and two (2) total Commercial Cannabis Nursery screening applications. All applications received for these two permit types were invited to apply for a CCB Permit Application as the City did not receive more than the maximum allowed for each permit type. 

  • No more than five (5) local cannabis distribution permits.
  • No more than two (2) local cannabis nursery permits.

Application Materials & Review Criteria:

CCB Screening Application Information  (for reference only)

CCB Applicant/Owner Information  (for reference only)

CCB Application Review Criteria (for reference only)

Ordinance No. 806 (Commercial Cannabis Activities)  (for reference only)

Ordinance No. 807 (Cannabis Business License Tax)  (for reference only)

Commercial Cannabis - Approved Addresses/Parcels List (for reference only)

The Commercial Cannabis Business (CCB) Permit Application can only be submitted by those applicants who are approved by the Cannabis Selection Committee. 

CCB Permit Application