Commercial Cannabis Businesses


The City is accepting Commercial Cannabis Business (CCB) Screening Applications beginning May 12th, 2021 through August 12, 2021 

Please be advised there will be no preferential treatment for applications submitted prior to the August  12th, 2021 deadline. The City will be reviewing all submitted applications for completeness – applicants will be notified if more information is needed or missing.

CCB Screening Application Information

CCB Applicant/Owner Information

CCB Application Review Criteria (for reference only)

Ordinance No. 806 (Commercial Cannabis Activities)  (for reference only)

Ordinance No. 807 (Cannabis Business License Tax)  (for reference only)

Commercial Cannabis - Approved Addresses/Parcels List (for reference only)

The Commercial Cannabis Business (CCB) Permit Application can only be submitted by those applicants who are approved by the Cannabis Selection Committee. 

CCB Permit Application (Not currently being accepted by the City)