Measure E Oversight Committee


The Measure E Oversight Committee plays a central role in the City’s budgeting process and allocation of Measure E Funding. 

Members Term Expires

Debbie Thomas

Dec. 2024

Ben Aguilar

Dec. 2026

Elizabeth Poston

Dec. 2026

Lisa Swarthout

Dec. 2024

Jacob Cooke

Dec. 2024

The Measure E Oversight Committee is made up of five citizens who have been appointed by the City Council. Each City Council Member appoints a Measure E Committee member, so members often change with the election of new Council members. The Committee meets at least annually to review the revenues generated by the Measure E tax and the expenditures of those revenues, and to make recommendations to the City Council regarding the spending and allocation for the upcoming fiscal year. 

Measure E Background

Measure E is a city wide special sales tax of 1%. Originally, a temporary 0.5% sales tax to support fire and police services, Measure N, was passed by voters in 2012. In 2018, Measure N was replaced by the adoption of Measure E, which increased the tax to 1% and made the tax permanent. The adoption of Measure E also expanded the public services the tax supported to include Police, Fire, Park Improvements & Recreation Services, and Street/Sidewalk improvements. 

For example, Measure E has funded several new staff for the Police and Fire Departments, a new Ladder Truck for the Fire department and other public safety equipment, the Minnie Park project, the Lyman Gilmore Turf Field, and parts of the street rehabilitation program.  Any spending of Measure E funds is approved by this oversight committee and then approved by the City Council.

FY 2023-2024 Measure E Fund Budget

Ordinance 795 Passing Measure E

Notice of Intent to Circulate Petition, Initiative Ordinance & Founding Documents