Water & Wastewater Systems


FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) Program 

All Food Service Establishments (FSE) and Waste Haulers doing business in the City of Grass Valley are required to have and maintain a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) removal system per City of Grass Valley Municipal Code Section 13.20.051

FSE’s and Waste Haulers are required to use the City’s FOG Control Program website for registration and record keeping.

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Hydrant Flow Test

Hydrant Flow Test Application

Storm Water/Drainage

The City of Grass Valley is permitted by the California State Water Resources Control Board as a Traditional Permitee under the Phase II Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program. More information about the Small MS4 Program and permitting requirements is available here: SWRCB

California Drainage Law

CASQA - California Storm Water Quality Association

Construction Site Operator Education

Construction Site Runoff Control and Best Management Practices (BMP’s)

City of Grass Valley Municipal Code - Chapter 12.06 - Storm Water Management and Discharge

Stormwater Information Flyer

Sewer System

Sewer Backflow Prevention Device

Sewer System Management Plan

Sewer Use Ordinance

Temporary Hydrant Meter

Temporary Hydrant Meter Use Application

Water Conservation

Mandatory Water Conservation

20% Water Reduction

Water Conservation at Home

Water Conservation at Work

Water Conservation in the Yard

NID Water Conservation

Save Our Water

Use it Wisely

Water Wise Gardening

Wastewater Discharge

Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Industrial Pretreatment Preliminary Survey

Industrial Pretreatment Preliminary Survey (Food Establishments)

Wastewater Treatment Plan Brochure

Consumer Confidence Reports

2019 Consumer Confidence Report

2018 Consumer Confidence Report

COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates
Guidelines for Reopening
Urgency Ordinance (Temporary Moratorium on Evictions)
Disaster Council Order