Tree Removal Permit


Tree removal permits are required for the following activities:

  1. Removal of trees greater than ten (10) inches in Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) on any private lands;
  2. Removal of significant trees or street trees greater than twenty-four (24) inches DBH on any public lands or within the public right-of-way.

Applications for tree removal permits between ten inches and less than twenty-four inches DBH on private lands, may be approved over the counter at no cost with a completed tree removal permit application, so long as the applicant agrees to mitigate the removal of each trees via replanting at a 1:1 ratio in accordance with Section 12.36.085.

Applications for tree removal permits twenty-four inches DBH and larger shall be reviewed and approved by the tree permit administrator pursuant to Section 12.36.080 of the City Municipal Code. Trees greater than twenty-four inches require a permit fee per the current fee schedule.

It shall be the responsibility of all licensed tree cutters or any other person who is removing the tree to have a copy of the applicable tree permit, a valid City business license and any required state licenses in his or her possession and available for inspection upon request.

Tree Removal Ordinance

Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus) - Exempt from Permit Requirements

Tree Harvest Permit

Tree Removal Permit Application

Property Owner Information

If yes, please provide a letter from the HOA approving the tree removal.

Tree Information

To determine the diameter of a tree: measure the circumference of the tree 54″ above ground level and divide that number by 3.14.

Over the Counter Tree Removal
Replanting On-site
Replanting Off-site
Tree Removal Requiring Notice

Trees 24″ DBH or larger require a ten (10) calendar day posting period (property owner is required to mark trees within 24 hours of submitting this request). The posting period is followed by a seven (7) calendar day appeal period. At the end of the appeal period, you will receive notification, by mail, of the Final Action which will specify if you are allowed to remove the tree(s) and, if so, the conditions by which you are able to do so; along with any other conditions that may apply (e.g.: replanting).

Replanting On-site
Replanting Off-site
Emergency Tree Removal

If the condition of a tree presents an immediate danger of collapse and requires immediate action for the safety of life or property, it may be removed without prior issuance of an emergency tree removal permit upon the order of the tree permit administrator or a member of the police or fire department. The payment of a fee shall be waived. Emergency tree removal permits shall be reviewed and considered for approval by the tree permit administrator. The tree permit administrator may require the applicant to hire an arborist to review the evidence to ascertain whether the tree presents an immediate danger of collapse.

Replanting On-site
Replanting Off-site