Request for Proposals


The City is currently accepting proposals to manage the design and potential project implementation of the Mill Street Closure and Pedestrian Plaza. Proposals are due by March 25, 2021 by 5:00 P.M.

Request for Proposals

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the City’s estimated budget for this project? 

    • Although still undetermined at this phase, to help promote realistic design options, the City is estimating a construction budget (including the waterline replacement) between $1.5 – $2 million dollars. 
  2. Who will lead public outreach during the design phase?
    • ​​The City is looking for proposals that present creative and inclusive public outreach techniques (e.g. charrettes) to ensure maximum community input. 
      • Proposals should consider any current COVID-19 restrictions that may be in place (e.g. interactive digital presentations)
      • The City will be in charge of publishing notices of public outreach events.
  3. What are some of the primary concerns associated with the project?
    • ​​Parking – there is already limited parking downtown. Proposals should consider and present alternative parking options in the surrounding area.
    • Access – proposals should acknowledge how access to Mill Street will be achieved for delivery trucks, disabled and elderly persons, and anyone else who may need to avoid the incline leading up to Mill Street. Potential access points should avoid interrupting traffic on neighboring streets (Neal St, W Main St, etc.) 
  4. Who is replacing the waterline & preparing the plans?
    • ​​The City will manage the waterline replacement, but final construction documents will need to incorporate the waterline replacement in their drawings and schedules. The City has asked consultants to plan for the installation of electrical, gas, and any other necessary utilities to prep for potential gas fire pits or other amenities, therefore, the City expects designs prepared to include the anticipated waterline replacement (City has standard details available for waterline specifications).
  5. Will I need to have someone prepare a topographic survey?
    • The City has a topographic map that is +/- 1/10 foot accuracy…anything more than that will require a separate topo mapping.
  6. Is there an existing geotechnical report available?
    • No, unless the final selected design requires one, the City doesn’t anticipate a geotech report being needed.
  7. Proposals are not expected to include conceptual designs. Consultants are welcome to include examples, but they are not expected until/if the City enters an agreement with consultant.