Planning Permits


Any planning permit or other approval required by Section 17.20.030 of the Development Code (Allowable Land Uses and Planning Permit Requirements) shall be obtained before the issuance of any required grading, building, or other construction permit, and before the proposed use is constructed, otherwise established or put into operation, unless the proposed use is listed in Section 17.20.040 (Exemptions from Planning Permit Requirements).


Universal Planning Application (Due with every Planning Application)

Annexation-Prezone Application

Appeal Application

Development Review Application

Environmental Application

General Plan Amendment Application

Landscape Permit Application

Limited Term Permit Application

Lot Line Adjustment Application

Master Sign Program or Exception Application

Minor Use Permit Application

Minor Variance Permit Application

Planned Development Application

Temporary Banner Sign Application

Tentative Parcel/Subdivision Map Application

Use Permit Application

Variance Application

Zoning Map or Text Amendment Application

Planning Permit Procedures 

Development Code - Article 7

Development Code - Article 8

Parcel & Final Map Requirements