The Pink Patch Project


The Nevada County Law Enforcement Agencies have participated in The Pink Patch Project since 2018. Over the last several years the Grass Valley Police Department, Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada City Police Department and Truckee Police Department have partnered with the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation to raise thousands of dollars. These funds have helped purchase necessary equipment for the breast cancer imaging center at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. In October of every year our officer’s will be wearing their pink patches with pride. 

For any questions about our participation in The Pink Patch Project or you would like to help support our cause, please contact Shelby Speegle at (530) 477-4614. 

For the Year of 2020 we are in need of the community’s help to design our new Pink Patch Project Challenge Coin. Please fill out the attached submission forms and submit them to the Grass Valley Police Department by July 31st at 5:00 PM PST. 


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