Camera Registry


Video surveillance systems are in operation across communities; in our residences, businesses, and in public spaces. As technology has advanced, so has the deployment of fixed-point video systems at affordable price points.

Police investigators often use these private and public systems to gain leads and solve crimes. Agencies work together, across jurisdictions when canvassing areas that may have forensic video evidence to solve criminal acts in neighboring jurisdictions. To enhance efficiency, and best allocate resources in our community, the more we know about the availability of possible video evidence in our initial response, the more focused our approach to solving crimes in a timely manner can be.

If you live in the incorporated city limits of Grass Valley (non-five digit addresses) and have your own exterior video camera system at your home or business, please consider registering your exterior camera location(s) with our Registry Platform by visiting this web address:

Only the Grass Valley Police Department has access to the map showing the existence of a video recording system. If an investigation is underway, and your registered camera(s) may help solve a crime, you could expect to be contacted by an investigator.