Automated License Plate Readers


Flock ALPR Camera

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) tools significantly bolster our capacity to detect and deter crime. While ALPR technology has long been employed by law enforcement, recent advancements have elevated our crime-fighting capabilities to unprecedented levels. The swift and accurate transmission of data to officers in the field has notably enhanced our response capabilities and facilitated the early detection of illicit activities.

At the Grass Valley Police Department, we leverage both fixed-point and mobile ALPR solutions provided by trusted brands such as FLOCK Safety, Axon, and Motorola Solutions (Vigilant). These cutting-edge technologies play a vital role in identifying and apprehending “hot-listed” vehicles, locating wanted individuals, and tracing vehicles linked to criminal activities, including child abduction cases, wanted persons, criminal incidents, and instances of at-risk missing persons.

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