The Development  Review Committee (DRC) reviews and acts on minor development proposals and serves in an advisory capacity to the Planning Commission for larger projects.  DRC membership includes a representative from the Planning Commission, a consulting architect, and City staff representatives from the Community Development, Fire, Engineering and Building Departments.

The DRC conducts regular meetings open to the public on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month.  The DRC meeting is the first step in the review and approval process for applications that are required to be approved by the Planning Commission.  At the meeting, the DRC review the proposal with the applicant and provides comments and direction on a variety of design issues including site planning, aesthetics, architecture, circulation, public improvements, impacts to surrounding properties, fire safety, drainage and landscaping.

The DRC makes recommendations to the Planning Commission on the design merits of proposals for larger projects.  Based upon the comments received from the DRC, the applicant has the opportunity to review their proposal prior to consideration by the Planning Commission.  Through the DRC process, the applicant may resolve design related issues prior to appearing before the Planning Commission.

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