Provides administrative service support to Divisions within Department.
Coordinates, develops and monitors department budget.
Develops programs to address new service requirements.
Coordinates with human resources.
Directs supervision to Division Managers.
Coordinates regulatory agency activities.
Works to achieve community's goals and objectives.
Implements directives and policies of the City Council and City Manager through department resources.
Handles Park and Facility Reservations.

Advanced planning for City's park site development program (see Parks Master Plan).
Recreation program development and coordination.
Facility reservation coordination.
Museum facility coordination.
Grant program administration.
Administration of Facility Use Agreements for a variety of user groups.
Department liaison to Parks and Recreation Commission.
Volunteer program development and coordination.

City storm drain system maintenance and management. (SWMP)
Roadway maintenance, including; sweeping, plowing.
Roadway signing and striping maintenance and management.
Sidewalk construction and repair notice program.
Traffic signal maintenance coordination.
Fleet equipment maintenance and management for all City departments.
Maintenance of City park sites.
Maintenance of City buildings.
Heritage tree preservation and tree removal permit program

Wastewater treatment facility operations and maintenance, including Industrial Wastewater Permits.
Wastewater collection system maintenance (including lift stations).
Water treatment facility operations and maintenance.
Water distribution system maintenance.
Water meter reading and finance administration support service.

The City of Grass Valley’s Public Works Department is committed to providing essential municipal infrastructure maintenance and improvement services that preserve and enhance the quality of life in our community for residents, businesses and visitors alike, while providing a safe and productive work environment for Department employees.

The Public Works Department provides engineering, construction, management, and maintenance of the City's infrastructure, including; streets, trees, sidewalks and pathways; parks, playgrounds, skate park, swimming pool, athletic fields and courts; creeks; sewer systems; water systems; and storm drains; buildings and structures; vehicles and equipment; street lights and traffic signals; facility rental and recreation programming.

In an effort to anticipate and meet the infrastructure needs of the community in the most efficient manner, the Public Works Department is dedicated to providing the knowledge, skills, materials, and up to date tools and equipment necessary for optimal performance.  Through quality employees and experienced management, the Public Works Department offers efficient, cost effective services to the community in an extremely timely manner.  We recognize that our employees are our most valued resource and are to be treated with respect and dignity.  They will be properly trained to respond safely, with excellence, to any work task assigned and to any emergency that may develop.  They will also be trained concerning their individual responsibilities as public servants.

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