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The Community Development Department is comprised of 3 departments which are responsible for overseeing and guiding development activities in the City of Grass Valley.

An essential function of the Community Development Department (CDD) is to provide the public with information and guidance concerning development, General Plan policies, zoning district regulations, permit procedures, signage requirements, property information, growth trends and other information on the community.  Find information about future meetings of the Planning Commission, Development Review Committee and Historical Commission by viewing agendas.

The Building Division reviews building permit applications for compliance with state and local building codes (structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and energy efficiency) and provides inspection services for all building-related construction.
The Planning Division provides information on land use, zoning and development standards and processes applications for land use permits and land divisions. The Planning Division also performs long-range planning activities, including the implementation of the City's 2020 General Plan.

The Economic Development Division works toward enhancing the economic vitality of the community through small business loans and grants.  The Division works with the community in the preservation and construction of affordable housing.




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