Mission Statement

To collect and transport the City’s wastewater for treatment in a manner that will protect the public health, our environment and the waters of the State of California.


  • Identify project to shift pumped flow from Joyce Drive Lift Station to gravity flow.
  • Comply with Federal and State requirements and plan for future regulations.
  • Provide ongoing Confined Space Entry Training to personnel.
  • Pro-actively maintain the wastewater infrastructure.
  • Effectively reduce customer complaints.
  • Implement odor control techniques at the Lift Stations.
  • Implement Backwater Valve Notification program
  • Modify and implement changes in industrial wastewater pre-treatment program to comply  with State and Federal Permit requirements.
  • Implement a Maintenance Management System to track inventory, activities and condition rating of the Wastewater Collection System in conformance with CMOM requirements.
  • Develop and augment a professional Operations staff.

Sewer System Management Plan

  • Industrial Pretreatment Program - refer to Municipal Code Chapter 13.20 Industrial Wastewater
  • Please avoid putting these items in your home drain.

State Water Resource Control Board CIWQS SSO Public Reports link:

Fog Program

  • Register at: http://gvp.carmody.co
  • Food Service Establishment’s (FSE’s) in the City of Grass Valley are required to have and maintain a Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) removal system per City of Grass Valley Municipal Code Section 13.20.051. To make it easy to comply with FOG requirements, the City of Grass Valley, working with Carmody Software, has developed an online FOG Program (http://gvp.carmody.co) for FSE registration and waste hauler record keeping.  There is no charge to the FSE or Waste Hauler to register and use the City’s online FOG Program.  All FSE’s must be registered by March 31, 2017!
  • Starting in June 2017, the City of Grass Valley will begin conducting inspections of 1/3 of FSE grease removal systems operating in the city.  The inspection will require a site visit to verify the number and size of the grease removal systems in operation.  There will be no charge to the food service establishment for the inspection and you will be notified in advance of the inspection.  If corrections are necessary, the food service establishment will be given a timeframe to make the correction.  All FSE’s are expected to be inspected by the end of 2019.