On September 21, 2014, the Governor signed AB 2188 which required Cities and Counties to adopt an ordinance by September 30, 2015 that: 1) Creates an expedited, streamlined permitting process for small residential rooftop solar energy systems; 2) Requires adoption of a checklist of all requirements with which small rooftop solar energy system shall comply to be eligible for expedited review and which shall be published on the City’s website; 3) Allows electronic submittal of a permit application and other documentation in lieu of a wet signature; and, 4) Require only one inspection, which shall be performed in a timely manner.

In accordance with AB 2188, the City of Grass Valley has adopted an ordinance.  The ordinance together with the City’s checklist establishes a procedure for expedited, streamlined permitting process in accordance with AB 2188.  As adopted, permits for small residential solar energy systems shall be issued within five business days upon application completeness and inspections will be scheduled within two business days. 

The City’s Solar Permitting Ordinance, Building Permit Application and Residential Solar Checklist can be downloaded at the following links:

Solar Ordinance

Building Permit Application

Residential Solar Checklist

Electronic submittals for residential solar permits may be forwarded to the following e-mail addresses:




Payment for electronic submittals may be made by credit card or check at the Community Development Department.

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