City of Grass Valley Draft 2019-2027 Housing Element Update

The City of Grass Valley Draft 2019 – 2027 Housing Element is an amendment to the 2014-2019 Housing Element. The following is a summary of each chapter in the draft 2019-2027 Housing Element:

Chapter I – This chapter provides information on the purpose of the Housing Element, State requirements, and a summary of the process. Chapter I includes an analysis of how the Housing Element is consistent with the other elements of the General Plan.

Chapter II – This chapter provides information on the City’s population, housing and employment characteristics, and addresses special housing needs. The end of this chapter (Table II-32) includes the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) numbers. These numbers represent the number of housing units, by income category, the City needs to plan for and accommodate through the year 2027. These numbers represent one of the key factors that drive the Housing Element policies, programs and objectives.

Chapter III – This chapter provides an analysis of the resources and constraints that impacts the ability to meet the City’s identified housing needs. One of the most critical sections is the availability of land that is suitable to meet future housing needs (Appendix A). The analysis concludes there is sufficient land zoned for residential purposes that also has access to key infrastructures services. The development of these properties will provide adequate opportunities for the City to achieve its RHNA numbers. Chapter III describes, in several sections, steps the City has taken to reduce constraints on housing.

Chapter IV – This chapter includes the policies and programs for meeting the City’s future housing needs. The chapter begins with an evaluation of the City’s achievements reached during the City’s 2014-2019 Housing Element planning period. These include a list of specific actions, based on adopted housing policies, programs and objectives, the City implemented since 2014. As noted previously, the Planning Commission should focus most of its attention on this chapter (Section C Pg. IV-18) since this includes commitments the City will need to work towards during the next eight (8) years. Most of these programs are similar to those found in the previous 2014-2019 Housing Element.

On April 9, 2019, at the recommendation of the Planning Commission, the City Council directed staff to submit the Draft 2019-2027 Housing Element to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for its 60-day review.

Following HCD’s review, the City will convene public hearings at both the Planning Commission and City Council tentatively scheduled for June.

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If you have any questions regarding the Draft 2019-2027 Housing Element, please contact Lance E. Lowe, AICP, Principal Planner at or 530.274.4712.


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