Zoning Map

The Zoning Map illustrates the various zoning types and areas within the Grass Valley City limits.


Sphere of Influence Map

The Sphere of Influence Map illustrates the current city limits and the adjacent planning area boundary; Annexation timeline with the near, long-term and areas of concern displayed.

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General Plan Map

The General Plan Map illustrates the City's land use designations to help guide future development.
Additional 2020 General Plan documents and maps can be found in the Document Central section.

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Planning Staff

The Planning Division provides information on land use, zoning and development standards.  Applications are processed for land use permits and land divisions. The Planning Division also performs long-range planning activities, including the implementation of the City's General Plan.

The Planning Division is one of 3 divisions of the Community Development Department and is located in City Hall at the City of Grass Valley.

Planning Department Contact Information:

General Plan Documents

Role of the General Plan

The General Plan is a comprehensive plan for growth and development in the City of Grass Valley and the surrounding unincorporated area. Together, the City and surrounding unincorporated area are termed the Planning Area. Every county and city in California is required by State law to adopt a general plan (Article 5, Section 65300 et seq. of the Government Code).

A General Plan is often compared to a "constitution" for local development, and serves as the policy basis for all land use decisions.

Zoning Ordinance - Development Code

The City of Grass Valley Development Code carries out the policies of the Grass Valley General Plan by classifying and regulating the uses of land and structures within the City, consistent with the General Plan. This Development Code is adopted to protect and promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare of residents, and businesses in the City.

Planned Unit Development - PUD

Please complete the Universal Planning Application Form (to be used on all Planning Applications) along with the items included in this packet:

Contact the Planning Department regarding this type of entitlement:  530-274-4330

1872 Original Townsite Map

The 1872 Original Townsite Map illustrates the historical resources existing in 1872.

Community Development Overview

Community Development Staff Directory >

The Community Development Department is comprised of 3 departments which are responsible for overseeing and guiding development activities in the City of Grass Valley.

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