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New Larger Friday Night Market

Grass Valley Friday Night Market begins Friday, July 1st and continues through Friday, September 2nd from 6:00 to 9:30 p.m. This family event takes place in the vibrant downtown historical districts of Mill and Main Sts.

This year the market will be extended on E. Main St. to Stewart St., in front of City Hall where the entertain-ment stage will be placed. There will be a specific youth area on S. Auburn St. at Main St. with special booths for the young and young at heart. Farm fresh produce at the Certified Growers Market will continue to be on Mill St. with other booths displaying art, crafts, health related items, and more.

The Friday Night Market offers festive, tasty food, tantalizing treats and restaurant dining. Entertainment is always a hit and the downtown businesses bring you the finest in shopping. Bring your family and friends and remember there is always something happening downtown.


A Big Welcome to our New Employees

In 2004 Council separated the Engineering Division from the Public Works Department in order to direct more attention to issues of traffic, community development, capital improvement projects and other functions.

James Amaral
Wes Collins

Additions to the “Engineering Dream Team”
Tim Kiser, City Engineer
Diana Langley, Senior Engineer
Larry Chapman, Engineering Technician

Also, a leader for the Public Works Department
Jeffrey Jewett, Director of Public Works

And new Police Officers
James Amaral andWes Collins

Also, a big thank you to Keith Sauers for assisting the City as the Interim City Engineer for the past 6 months.

Jeff Jewett, Diana Langley
and Larry Chapman
Keith Sauers, Interim City Engineer,
welcoming the City’s new Engineer,
Tim Kiser.

Jim Marquis, the City’s new Fire Chief, being welcomed
by Hank Weston, retiring Fire Chief.

Sandy Jacobson, Recreation & Facilities Manager,
at the new park office at Memorial Park.

Information on Lead-Based Paint & Asbestos

The presence of lead based paint and asbestos in our homes provides the potential for health hazards. Lead-based paint can be present on the painted surfaces of pre-1978 structures and asbestos found in the walls and roofing materials of pre-1985 structures. Disturbing surfaces and materials containing lead based paint can expose persons to hazards that could lead to serious physical and mental conditions. For more information on lead-based paint, contact: or 1/800/596-LEAD (5323).

For asbestos, contact or 1/800/LUNG-USA (5864- 872). Informational handouts are also available at the Building Department at Grass Valley City Hall.

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