How much will the permit cost?

Permits are dependent on the work being done and inspection time, and will be priced by the Engineer approving the application. You will be notified of the pricing once the permit is approved.

Are plans actually needed?

Any time the right of way is opened and closed (sewer/waterlines) or infrastructure is involved, plans are needed. They may not be needed in some circumstances such as minor sidewalk repairs. Applicant may need to discuss the need for plans with an engineer if they have questions.

Why do I need a Traffic Control Plan?

Traffic/Pedestrian control plans are needed whenever work is done that will affect movement over City Right of Way. Sidewalk repairs generally need pedestrian access control at safe crossing locations. Traffic control should be to City Standards or according to the MUTCD. Traffic control plans are not needed for signs over the right of way, parking or storage containers.

Is the insurance really needed for homeowners who are requesting an Encroachment Permit?

Yes, unless the homeowner requests to sign a City supplied Waiver Form and submit it to the City Inspector prior to work occuring.

Please call the Gold Country Community Center at (530) 273-4961 or visit

What are the hours of Memorial Park Pool and how do I make a reservation for a pool party?

Memorial Park Pool is now handled by Northern Sierra Aquatics. For information on hours of the pool or pool parties, please contact the pool at (530) 477-4650 (June 1st - August 15th) or (530) 268-1209 (August 16th - May 31st) or by visiting

What is the snow plowing schedule?

The City plows all main roads and emergency access roads first, and then all side roads with the exception of privately maintained roads.

Where do I sign up my child for recreation volleyball or basketball?

For youth sports please contact Grass Valley Recreation at or

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