Current Job Openings

Click here for the: City of Grass Valley Employment Application

Employment Applications are only accepted when there is a job opening for an advertised position


Hydrant or Load Use Application

Water is available on a temporary basis for construction or by load use.

Improvement Standards



Design Standards, Construction Standards and Standard Details


Industrial Wastewater

Survey to be completed with Business License application

New Utility Installation Application

The New Utility Installation Application must be submitted for all new water and sewer service lines.

Park Facility Rentals

The City of Grass Valley has approximately 108 acres of parklands, including 7 developed park sites and 1 undeveloped park site within City limits.

The Memorial Park Swimming Pool is operated by the Northern Sierra Swimming.  Information about pool hours and use may be obtained on NSA's website.

Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program

The City's Sidewalk Cost-Sharing Program is available to assist qualified property owners pay for necessary sidewalk repairs.

Street Sweeping

The City endeavors to provide clean, well maintained streets for citizens and visitors alike.  You can assist us by complying with the City Municipal Code and following some simple guidelines.

The sweeper must make wide paths around parked cars, trailers, RVs, etc, leaving areas unswept.  Please try to make alternate parking arrangements around days your street is to be swept.

Water Conservation

Other water conservation resources

What Does NOT Go Down the Drain

Please avoid putting these substance down your drain.  It puts a huge strain on the waste treatment system.

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