ADA Title II Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan

The documentation of an ADA Self Evaluation and a Transition Plan are required to meet the requirements set forth in Title II of the ADA.  The intent and purpose of an ADA Self Evaluation Plan is for a public entity to identify issues and conditions that could apply to a qualified individual with a disability.  The intent and purpose of a Transition Plan is to set forth a written process and method whereby the public entity can modify, replace, or remove identified issues and conditions over time that could apply to qualified individuals with disabilities.

Certificate of Compliance

General information on the procedure for Certificate of Compliance. Please submit the "General Engineering Application" along with the information listed.

Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits are required by Municipal Code 12.48 for any work being conducted in the City right of way, any items maintained within the City right of way and any transportation of loads exceeding the maximums listed in the California Vehicle Code.

General Engineering Application

This form should be used when no specific application is available to address your question/concern.

Improvement Standards



Design Standards, Construction Standards and Standard Details


Sidewalk Cost-Sharing Program

The primary purpose of the Sidewalk Cost-Sharing Program is to assist property owners in the repair of displaced and damaged sidewalks by providing partial reimbursement of costs.  If interested, please complete the application and submit all with the requested documents for review and approval. 

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