The City endeavors to provide clean, well maintained streets for citizens and visitors alike.  You can assist us by complying with the City Municipal Code and following some simple guidelines.

The sweeper must make wide paths around parked cars, trailers, RVs, etc, leaving areas unswept.  Please try to make alternate parking arrangements around days your street is to be swept.

Piles of leaves, pine needles and other yard waste being dumped, blown, raked, or otherwise being placed in the street is littering.  It is the responsibility of the owner or the landscape contractor, not the City, to dispose of this debris.  The sweeper cannot pick up this material and will bypass it.  Each resident or contractor is encouraged to make their own arrangements for such disposal to avoid a citation for littering.

City streets are divided into commercial and residential districts.

The winter schedule is generally between the months of November and March.  The schedule runs Monday through Friday.  Commercial areas are swept between 5:00 am and 7:00 am and the residential areas between 7:30 am and 1:30 pm.  The winter schedule is divided into odd and even weeks and means that each residential area is swept once every two weeks, reflecting the City's efforts to keep the streets clean during the period of heavy leaf drop and storm debris.

The summer schedule is generally between the months of April and October.  The scheduled days are Monday and Friday.  On Mondays, commercial and residential sweeping is scheduled, with each day of the winter schedule planned once a week.  This means that each residential area may be swept once every two months.  Usually, sweeping in the summer is scheduled on a prioritized work order basis.  On Friday, the downtown, frontage roads, and parking lots are swept.

The above schedules reflect optimum conditions.  Personnel changes, other work loads, and equipment downtime can effect the scheduling.

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