The intent of the Housing Element of the General Plan is to provide the City with a coordinated and comprehensive strategy for promoting the production of safe, decent, and affordable housing within the community.  Grass Valley has areas of special priority that provide additional purpose to the Housing Element.  The unique conditions and market forces in play in the local housing market require that the Housing Element focus on additional concerns.  Some examples include the high proportion of rental homes in the City versus the rest of the County; lower average income of households versus other cities in the area; and environmental constraints that affect the ability to accommodate additional housing at higher densities.  Both the State-mandated concerns and the local concerns combine to set the foundation for the content of this Housing Element.  The Housing Element is a eight-year plan for the 2019-2027 periods, which differs from other General Plan elements, which cover the period of 1999-2020.  The Housing Element serves as an integrated part of the General Plan, but the City is required to update it more frequently to ensure its relevancy and accuracy.


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