On November 13th, 2018, the City of Grass Valley approved an Energy Action Plan (EAP) prepared by Sierra Business Council. This plan provides an analysis of the energy use within the City limits by the community and City operated facilities as well as a roadmap for accelerating energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy efforts already underway in Grass Valley. It is designed to assist the City, and other organizations in implementing the energy and water-energy related goals and policies in the City’s General Plan and housing Element and inform the community of cost-effective programs and best practices that will help save energy and money.

The City’s Energy Action Plan contains an Executive Summary and 4 chapters which include:

Executive Summary: The Executive Summary provides a big picture overview of energy use in Grass Valley, the goals of the plan, and potential savings associated with the implementation of the Energy Action Plan.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Chapter 1 explains the context, purpose, and scope of the plan, outlines the development of the plan, and provides a brief guide to the document.

Chapter 2: Energy Use & Forecast: Chapter 2 summarizes the 2005 baseline, 2017 re-inventory, and 2035 forecast of community-wide energy consumption.

Chapter 3: Goals & Strategies: Chapter 3 identifies three big-picture energy goals, and details strategies that will help the City and community reduce their energy need and the accompanying costs.

Chapter 4: Implementation Plan: Chapter 4 outlines specific actions that can be taken to implement the strategies detailed in Chapter 3 and achieve the three EAP goals; which are:

  • improve energy efficiency;

  • utilize renewable energy; and,

  • encourage water energy

EAP document can be viewed/downloaded here: Adopted Energy Action Plan

Making your home or business more energy efficient is a straightforward process with a variety of rebate and incentive programs at your disposal. Click the following links to learn more about existing programs that can help increase your energy efficiency:

PG&E Home Money Saver  (Residential Program) Access the latest rebate information, catalog, and buyers guide for your next energy efficient upgrade with this interactive home money saver tool.

Energy Savings Assistance Program   (Residential Program) Use PG&E’s Home Energy Checkup to find out where the energy in your home is being used, and find out more information about projects, rebates and programs that can help make your home more energy efficient and lower your monthly energy costs. The Energy Savings Assistance Program provides income-qualified customers with energy-saving improvements at no charge.

Project Go Inc. (Residential Program) Project Go Inc. administers the low-income home energy assistance and weatherization assistance programs in Nevada City.

Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW) (Business Program) SNEW, administered by Sierra Business Council, delivers cost effective energy efficiency projects to businesses, non-profits, and governments in 11 counties across the Sierra Nevada region including Nevada County. Over 1700 PG&E customers have taken advantage of this program since 2010. The SNEW team provides free audits, facilitates the rebate and incentive process with PG&E and provides guidance in selecting contractors at no charge. Additionally the SNEW team can facilitate PG&E’s 0% on-bill financing program for qualifying energy-efficiency projects. To schedule an audit or discuss your options, call Sierra Business Council at 530-582-4800.

PG&E Rebates and Incentives for Businesses  (Business Program) PG&E offers non-residential customers rebates and incentives for a variety of energy efficient products for companies, including lighting, HVAC, boilers and water heating, refrigeration, business computing, and more.  A full list of current rebates can be found using the PG&E money back tool.

mPower Placer (Business Program, Residential Program) City of Grass Valley has partnered with this Placer County administered program that provides fixed-rate, no money down financing to residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and multifamily property owners who want to install energy efficiency, water conservation retrofits and renewable energy systems repaid on their property tax bill.

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural resources, such as sunlight, wind, water, biomass, and geothermal activity. Local renewable energy projects can benefit the Grass Valley community by creating jobs and generating energy from alternative sources that are abundant and widely available.

Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit (Residential Program) Homeowners may claim a tax credit of 30% of qualified energy efficient expenditures, such as labor costs for on-site preparation, assembly or original system installation, and piping or wiring to interconnect a system to the home.

Federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (Business Program) A taxpayer may claim a tax credit of 30% for solar, fuel cells, small wind systems or 10% for geothermal, microturbines and combined heat and power systems (CHP), aka cogeneration systems. Qualified expenditures covered include labor costs for on-site preparation, assembly or original system installation, and for piping or wiring to interconnect a system.

Tax Exemption for Farm Equipment and Machinery (Business Program) This partial exemption from state sales and use tax applies to solar photovoltaic systems that are primarily used to power farm equipment and machinery. Qualifying systems can be connected to the local electricity grid and used to offset the farm's electricity use via a net metering agreement with the local utility. This tax exemption is also applicable to wind machines and could apply to other energy efficient farm equipment.

Follow these links to learn more about incentives and financing options for PG&E customers who are looking to upgrade to solar energy and save:

PG&E Solar and Renewables

PG&E Solar Water Heating

PG&E Financing Options for Solar and Renewable Energy Systems

Water Energy Conservation: There is significant energy used in the transportation and treatment of water. As California approaches its 5th year of drought, reducing water waste helps us conserve the limited water we have, as well as save the energy needed to deliver it.

Nevada Irrigation District Nevada City’s water is supplied by the NID, which offers resources on water efficiency, seminars and workshops, and conservation/ drought information.  

For more information on how you can conserve water and energy in your home or business, visit WaterSense Indoors and Outdoors. You can also find information about the California Drought Rebate Program.

Energy Efficiency Job Training Opportunities: As counties, cities and towns across California take advantage of energy efficiency resources and adhere to new environmental regulations, new jobs and opportunities are popping up left and right. Take a look at these sites dedicated to creating jobs, training new workers and giving seasoned professionals the updated information they need.

GRID Alternatives

Everblue green jobs training

Sierra College Sustainable Energy Programs

PG&E Solar Education and Workshops

Additional Resources

Cool California Funding Wizard

Energy Upgrade California

Energy Star

Save Our Water


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