To provide the highest quality water to residences and businesses in the City of Grass Valley in the most efficient manner possible. 


· Achieve maximum efficiency in the production and distribution of potable water to our customers.
· Continue the development of  the cross-connection control program.
· Cooperate and participate in the study of cooperative collaboration with NID.
· Comply with all current Federal and State regulatory requirements and plan ahead for future regulations.
· Evaluate and safeguard the City’s water supply against terrorism, vandalism and environmental contamination.
· Protect the City’s investment by pro-actively maintaining the water distribution infrastructure.
· Effectively reduce customer complaints.
· Identify areas of undersized or restricted pipelines with the intent to replace.
· Improve accountability of water produced/delivered.
· Identify non-metered and unaccounted use of water.
. Implement a Maintenance Management System to track inventory, activities and
  condition of the Water Distribution infrastructure.
· Develop professionalism through training and certification of personnel.
· Provide continuing education as required by the certification program.
· Modify water treatment processes as necessary to eliminate toxic residuals at the City’sWastewater Treatment Plant.

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