The Fleet Division supports all City Departments by maintaining the safety, integrity, reliability and efficiency of vehicles and miscellaneous equipment.

The Fleet Maintenance Division provides vehicle and equipment support for all City departments.  Vehicles and equipment are purchased, serviced, repaired, and maintained at the Shop which is located at 556-A Freeman Lane.

The City owns a variety of equipment and vehicles from sedans and small trucks to heavy equipment.  We work with lawn care equipment, emergency vehicles (police, fire), sewer equipment, loaders, backhoes, a road grader, sweeper, aerial lift truck, hydro and video equipment, snow and ice removal equipment, and line trucks for the various departments as well as a variety of pickup and dump trucks.  In addition to the extensive variety of vehicle and equipment work, our mechanics do welding fabrication for the other departments and repair small equipment such as chain saws, weed trimmers, mowers, portable compressors and generators, stand by generators, etc. 

The quality of work done by our mechanics is critical to the operation of all City equipment.  It can be said that the Fleet Shop keeps the rest of the City on the road.


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