The mission of the Grass Valley Parks and Recreation Division is to serve the community by providing a wide variety of affordable, accessible recreation opportunities that contribute to a greater quality of life.  To help meet this objective, Grass Valley has historically cooperated with a number of local non-profit organizations that provide organized activities for the community.  Many of these non-profits operate under Facility Use Agreements with the City.  Activities organized under these agreements include, softball, baseball, disc golf, tennis, swimming, and many others.  Activities organized and directed by the City are intended to complement the activities provided for by the non-profits.  A listing of various recreation based non-profits can be found under the Resource Guide heading. All City sponsored Activities and Programs have been temporarily suspended due to budget cuts.

The current parks system is comprised of approximately 108 acres of park land consisting of 7 developed park sites and one un-developed park site.  Facilities contained within these parks include 2 baseball fields, 1 softball field, 1 soccer field, 1 skatepark, 1 disc golf course, 2 outdoor basketball courts, 4 tennis courts, 1 volleyball court, 4 playgrounds, several picnic areas, a museum and a swimming pool.  The City parks also contain 3 public meeting rooms of varying size.  For information related to reserving park space, see Facility Reservations and Rentals.

To assist the Parks and Recreation staff with meeting the needs of the residents, the City Council has appointed a six member Parks and Recreation Commission.  In 2001, the Parks and Recreation Commission, with a great deal of input from the public and staff, created the first Grass Valley Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  The purpose of the Master Plan is to establish policies, set standards, identify and prioritize capital investments.

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