The Engineering Division provides the following development related services:

For the Community Development Department:
 - Planning Division
      Development Review Committee Representation
      Planning Commission Representation
Engineering provides environmental review of proposed developments and sub-divisions, prepares conditions of approval for projects, and works with developers to ensure that projects meet City standards.  In addition, Engineering oversees the preparation of traffic studies for develpments (refer to Transporation section).

 - Building Division
     Engineering provides review of building permits and provides the Building Division with traffic, water, sewer, and drainage impact fees.

Engineering Division is responsible for:
 - Certificate of Compliance review and approval;
 - Easement review and approval;
 - Encroachment Permit review, issuance and inspection;
 - Grading (Improvement) Permit review, issuance and inspection;  Click here for information regarding storm water and Best Management Practices.
 - Final / Parcel Map review and approval;
 - Flood Zone Designation letter / elevation certificates;
 - Parcel Merger review and approval;
 - Street or Easement Vacations;
 - Street name / address changes.

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