Applications and Forms handled by the Engineering Division of Public Works

The following forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download it for free from their website.

Fee Schedule

Certificate of Compliance Handout

City Utility Service Application

Encroachment Permits
When Required (see Municipal Code 12.48.050)

     Encroachment Permit - Application
        includes: anything overhanging or within City right of way: publication stands, signs, construction, utility tie-ins, etc.)

     Encroachment Permit - Transportation Application

General Engineering Application
     To be used for any submittals/requests other than Grading or Encroachment Permits and Parcel Mergers.

Grading Permit Application
     Instructions - see Design Standards

     Field Order

Parcel Merger Application

Performance Security Agreement
     (Erosion Control / Tree Replacement / Public Improvement Bonds)

Request for Service Form

Scoping Agreement for Traffic Study

Sidewalk Cost-Sharing Program Information

     Cost-Sharing Program Application

Traffic Calming Program
     General Information

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