1. OVER-THE-COUNTER BUILDING PERMITS - Permits requiring no plan check (i.e. Sewer backflow prevention devices; heater change outs; electrical service upgrades; reroof) are issued daily between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  2. BUILDING PERMITS REQUIRING PLAN CHECK - Upon plan submittal approval, applicants are contacted regarding the building permit issuance status.  Any remaining permit fees will be paid by the applicant and permits issued directly to owner-builders,  authorized agent for the owner, or to a licensed contractor.  Contractors are required to have a current annual business license or obtain a one-time use business license for each project within the City limits.
  3. TIME LIMITS - Permits must be issued within 180 calendar days from the date application was submitted.  A written request for a one-time extension before the 180th day may be submitted, when necessary.  If an 180 day extension request is approved and this period ends without permit issuance, plan check fees will expire.  After permit issuance, work must commence and be inspected by the Building Department within 6 months.  Subsequent inspections must be no greater than 6 months apart.  Permits expire two years after date of issuance.  No extensions are permitted.
  4. INSPECTIONS - At each stage of construction, building inspections are required. The Building Division has a 24-hour Inspection Request line (530) 274-4343.  Inspection requests must be made prior to 4:00 p.m., the business day prior to inspection.  Morning or afternoon requests are possible, but not guaranteed.  Priorities are assigned to concrete pour inspections. Specific times of the day cannot be scheduled.
  5. MODIFICATIONS TO PLANS - After a permit has been issued, any changes to the plans must be approved by the Building Division. Two sets of the proposed changes must be prepared by the architect, engineer or plan preparer and submitted for review.  There may be additional plan check fees required.
  • File permit application with plans (4 sets - 2 sets wet stamped, 2 sets of engineering calculations wet stamped; minimum 18" x 24") and pay initial fees as required.
  • Contact Nevada County Environmental Health Department, if required.
  • Plans are checked by a Building Department Plan Checker and referred to Planning, Engineering, and Fire departments, as necessary.
  • Applicant is informed of any corrections that are required.
  • Applicant corrects plans and resubmits (if corrections are required).
  • Plans undergo second plan check.
  • Plans are approved and the building permit is ready for issuance.
  • Remaining fees are paid and permit is issued.
  • Construction is commenced and inspections are requested by the applicant.
  • All work is inspected by the Building Inspector during all phases of the project.
  • Any conditions imposed by individual departments must be met before scheduling 'Final' Building Department inspection.
  • Permit is 'Finaled' and approved by the Building Inspector upon final inspection.
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